Cubrima – Pool Covers

We have over 15 years’ experience in the manufacture of swimming pool covers. And we’re more than happy to help you find the best functional and aesthetic option to cover your pool.

We wish to introduce ourselves as company that manufactures its products: combining the best materials and the best suppliers to provide High Quality pool covers at a good price !!

You can reach us at:

Factory and offices: C/ Otero Pedrayo nº 30 15888 Oroso (Sigüeiro) – A Coruña


Keep the pool at the optimum temperature, in addition to protecting it from leaves, insects, dirt …


Keep your pool in the best conditions, protecting it from weathering. You’ll save on cleaning and maintenance. Buy a pool cover and experience almost immediate savings.


Enjoy your pool year round. The weather won’t matter anymore.


Cubrima – Our Covers Models

Elegance Fixed Cover


Easy Cover

Comfort Cover

Cubierta confort

All Time Glass Curtain

Cortina Cristal All Time

Extra Flat Premium Cover

Low Premium Cover

Special Covers